Here is a short documentary on one group’s journey through Palestine in the footsteps of Abraham, featuring interviews with several members of the organization ‘Masar Ibrahim‘ (a.k.a. Abraham’s Path Initiative). Directed by Adam Shamash and produced by and for the Abraham’s Path Initiative. Copyright 2011.

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Abraham’s Path (Masar Ibrahim al Khalil) is a route of walking and cultural tourism which follows the footsteps of Abraham or Ibrahim through the Middle East. The story of Abraham / Ibrahim’s journey, which has been kept alive for some four thousand years in the landscape and memory of this region, records the origin of a spiritual tradition shared by more than three billion people in the world today.

By retracing this journey, the Masar (‘Path’ in Arabic) provides a place of meeting and connection for people of all faiths and cultures, inviting us to remember our common origins, to respect our cultural differences, and to recognize our shared humanity. The Masar also serves as a catalyst for sustainable tourism and economic development; a platform for the energy and idealism of young people; and a focus for positive media highlighting the rich culture and hospitable people of the Middle East.”-

“The Abraham Path Initiative (API) is working to open a route of cultural and religious tourism through the heart of the Middle East route will be centered on a new long-distance walking trail that follows the journey made by the prophet Abraham-the common patriarch of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam-some 4,000 years ago.

The purpose of the Abraham Path (Masar Sayyidna Ibrahim in Arabic) is to inspire cross-cultural exchanges and mutual understanding; to promote sustainable tourism and economic development; to help preserve the region’s historic sites and natural environment; and to generate positive media coverage that highlights the hospitable people of the Middle East and the shared heritage of Abraham’s children.” The Association for Global New Thought