The theme and intention of Soul TV is to foster peace and understanding in a world which has been plunged into unprecedented oppression and sectarian violence. Here are two of Tayie Rehem’s  recent videos for you to enjoy.

“Patience belongs to a world where if you want to pick a fruit from the tree  we know you have to wait for it to be ripe and when we see the signs of impatience we are also seeing the signs of ingratitude.  Whenever we are impatient we have forgotten to be grateful.” –Shaykh Ahmed Abdur Rashid

Live Gratitude … Touch Heaven

[vimeo clip_id=”29676108″]

University Of  The Heart“It was that angelic voice I have heard in a place I call University of the Heart. It was like a breath of fresh air brought that noisy, chaotic everyday life to standstill.” -Tayie Rehem

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