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Khutbahs 2016

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12.31.16 Sat Reliance on Those who Rely on Allah Swt: The Path of Good Character and Good Conduct    
12.29.16 Thu The Journey that Requires Patience and Thankfulness    
12.28.16 Wed Following the Rules of Real Freedom:Living the Spirit of Sufism and Islam    
12.24.16 Sat “Grasp what Transpires behind That which Appears”: The Goal and Process of the Spiritual Journey    
12.21.16 Wed Aspire to Have No Aspirations: Yearning to Yearn is Tawbah for the Sufi    
12.17.16 Sat The Link between Intention and Knowledge: Ways to Overcome Obstacles on the Journey    
12.15.16 Thu The State of No Thought: Practices can create a Pure State of Attention and Consciousness    
12.14.16 Wed The Value of Truth: Validating Faith with Reason and Logic    
12.10.16 Sat Loyalty to One’s Soul through Stages of Struggle on the Journey    
12.08.16 Thu “Beware of Hurting the Hearts of Sufis”- Adab: Foundation of the Spiritual Journey    
12.07.16 Wed “Beware of Hurting the Hearts of Sufis” – Adab: Made by Attention and Behavior towards Allah Swt    
12.03.16 Sat Shaykh’s Bday Celebration – Dinner Presentations and Shaykh’s Comments    
12.03.16 Sat Shaykh’s Bday Celebration – Dinner Presentations    
12.03.16 Sat Shaykh’s Bday Celebration – Masjid Readings    
12.01.16 Thu Self Destructiveness and the Remedy of Patience. Ta’wil on Significant Passages of Qur’an    
 11.30.16 Wed The Secret of Death: Makhluq – Reading from Shaykh Abul Qadir Jilani (ra)    
 11.26.16 Sat Saturday Suhbat (to be titled)    
 11.24.16 Thu The Universal Soul: We are Born with Many Elements of Potentiality. Our Transformation Begins in Qalb.    
 11.24.16 Thu Thanksgiving Dinner Comments    
 11.23.16 Wed The Unseen World of Jahannam: Types of Hell      
 11.19.16 Sat Contemplating the Purpose of This World, Its Relationship to the Hereafter, and the Search for Knowledge      
 11.18.16 Fri Traveling to Self Knowledge: References from Imam al Ghazali (ra)      
 11.12.16 Sat Hajjah Maria Ulfa: Lesson with Recitation      
 11.10.16 Thu Refining Oneself in Order to Perceive Signs, Good and Bad      
 11.09.16 Wed The Key of Adab is for Every Situation: In Attitude, Behavior, and Keeping Good Company      
 11.05.16 Sat The Quest for Truth: Adab, Effort, Paying Attention to Clues. Tawakkul: A Pillar for Progress.      
 11.03.16 Thu Choosing the Right Thing to Do: Empowerment of Healing, Adab of Practices, Changing Oneself      
 11.02.16 Wed Because It Is the Right Thing to Do: Intentions, Assumptions, and the Nafs      
 10.29.16 Sat Integral to the Human Being is Relatedness and Relationships: Carrying Messages from the Batin to the Dhahir      
 10.27.16 Thu Be What You Can Be: By Asking the Right Questions Answers Have to Develop      
 10.26.16 Wed The Qur’an: The Successor of the Holy Texts and the Way to that Knowledge.      
 10.22.16 Sat The Light of the Sayr ul Suluk: Ta’wil of Verses from Qur’an      
 10.20.16 Thu Ta’wil on a Poem by Jurjani: Eternity, Perfection, Knowledge, Truth      
 10.15.16 Sat When the Destination of the Journey is Not Known: Longing, Aspiration, and Love      
 10.13.16 Thu The Story of Ibn Kumayl: Three Levels of Man. Continuing the Seven Stages of Nafs      
 10.12.16 Wed The Guidance and Way of Sufism: Self Discipline, Greater Jihad, Nafs Ammaara      
 10.08.16 Sat  Imam Ali (as): The Power of Oral Teachings. The Story of the Lure of Dunya. Ta’wil of the Story of Ibn Kumayl      
 10.06.16 Thu Commitment to a Spiritual Journey: Inspiration, Necessity, and Change      
 10.05.16 Wed Establish a Pattern of Accountability. Develop a Toolbox through Transmissions      
 10.01.16 Sat  Purification through Keeping Company with the Pure. The Ta’wil of Ba’ait.      
 09.29.16 Thu Stages of Nafs: Mulhamma, Lawwama, Radiyya, Mardiyya      
 09.28.16 Wed  The Ta’wil of Ba’ait: Inner Purification.  Transformation by Application Using the Tools of the Transmissions      
 09.24.16 Sat  Validation of Tawassul: Supplication to Allah Swt through Intermediaries/Wasila      
 09.22.16 Thu  Knowing Oneself: Dying to Oneself. Arrive through Guidance and Practices.     
 09.21.16 Wed  Spiritual Self-Discipline: Restraining the Lower Self.   Grief: It is Not Without Benefit      
 09.17.16 Sat  Love of Perfection: Seeking through Knowledge, Beauty, and Excellence      
 09.15.16 Thu  Love and What Evokes It: The Role of Knowledge, Beauty, and Excellence      
 09.12.16 Mon  Eid al Adha Khutbah  (go to Khutbahs2016)    
 09.10.16 Sat Love: Muhabbat and the Stage of Bewilderment and Transcendence      
 09.08.16 Thu Realizing Love: The Inner and Outer Science of Spirituality      
 09.07.16 Wed  Non-Locality: A Basis for Understanding Tawhid/Unity      
 09.03.16 Sat  Bee Community: “When it sits, it does not break [the flower].”      
 09.01.16 Thu  The Ta’wil of Repentance: Inaba and Penitence      
 08.31.16 Wed The Ta’wil of Niyyat/Intention      
 08.27.16 Sat Knowledge and Knowledge of Allah Swt: What is Revealed and What is Concealed      
 08.25.16 Thu Jihad al Akbar : Following the Siratul Mustaqim so as Not to Follow the Impulse of the Lower Nature      
 08.24.16 Wed Jihad al Akbar: A Struggle Greater than War      
 08.20.16 Sat ‘Alam al Dharr: The Goal and Purpose of Life      
 08.18.16 Thu ‘Alam al Dharr: One Source, One Ray of Light, One Single Soul      
 08.16.16 Tue ‘Alam al Dharr: Becoming Suffused with Light      
 08.09.16 Tue ‘Alam al Dharr:  Different Aspects of Light      
 08.06.16 Sat Founder’s Day Dars: Foundation of Community is Service/Khidmat     
 08.06.16 Sat Founder’s Day: Dinner Presentations     (note: audio is a combo of masjid and dinner readings)     
 08.06.16 Sat Founder’s Day: Readings in the Masjid and Presentations at Dinner (note: audio is a combo of masjid and dinner readings)    
 08.04.16 Wed ‘Alam al Dharr: The World of Particles. The Covenant Made before Time.     
 07.30.16 Sat Receptivity to Prayers Answered: The Blessing of Allah are Always Present     
 07.29.16 Fri Eve The Concept of Intercession      
 07.27.16 Wed The Finite and Infinite Plays.  Technique for Muraqabah      
 07.23.16 Sat The Hereafter: Building a Life in the Akhirat      
 07.20.16 Wed The Development of One’s Soul: Wasila, Good Deeds, Remembrance      
 07.13.16 Wed Praying for Both Lives: The Life Here and in the Life Hereafter     
 07.09.16 Sat The State of At-Tazkiya: Purifying the Self      
 07.07.16 Thu Tawajjuh and Muraqabah: The Difference between the Two      
 07.02.16 Sat Tawajjuh: Methods, Forms, and Effacement