Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

[And as for thee] O Prophet-behold,
We have sent you as a witness [to the truth],
and as a bringer of good news and a warner.
And as a summoner to Allah by His permission,
and as a light giving lamp.{33 : 45-46}


Prophet Muhammad (sallal-lahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) :
The Light Giving Lamp : Siraj un-Munir

12th Annual Mawlidu-n-Nabi & ISRA Convention
Friday-Sunday May 22-24, 2009
(Memorial Day Weekend)
The Triangle Area,  North Carolina

There were enlightening spiritual Discourses on :
  • The Immense values, praises and honors accorded to the Prophet by Allah (swt).
  • The obligation to believe, obey, follow his sunnah and Love him.
  • His great character , virtues and Seerah
  • The Un paralleled miracles accorded to Him by Allah (swt).

Great intellectual discussion panels about :

  • The crisis of misunderstanding Islam : Defending the belief and practice of
    ahlus sunnah
  • Global Strategies for the revival of Ihsaanic Vision of Islam and the role of ISRA
  • The young and the restless : Opportunities and challenges for Muslim youth in
  • The keys to a successful Marriage in Islam

Other Highlights:

  • Recitation of Qur’an
  • Qira’at competition
  • Hamd-Na’at-Qasidah
  • Zikr / Salawaat / Nashid
  • Bazaar

A video of Shaykh Rashid’s dars is available at the CG Video Channel.

Or listen to the audio:

The Healing Light of The Prophet Muhammad (saws)

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Or read the dars: pdf

Sponsored by:  ISRA- International Islamic Studies and Research Association