The Friday and Eid Khutbahs by Shaykh Ahmed Abdur Rashid  are listed below in ascending chronological order.

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On Ibada   December 11 2015
Make Dua: When You Call Out, Allah Responds   December 4 2015
Stress=Opportunity, Patience, and Prayer   November 27 2015
Hardships, Difficulties, Tests in Life: Giving them Purpose and Meaning   November 20 2015
Advice for Facing Tests in Life  November 13 2015
Islam: The Easy Way  Oct 30 2015
Purification of the Soul  Oct 23 2015
The Sincere Prayer of the Believer   Oct 16 2015
Taqdir and Tawakkul   Oct 9 2015
Jannah: The Garden of Paradise for the Believer   Oct 2 2015
Constancy in Faith   Sept 18 2015
Remembrance of Allah Swt   Sept 11 2015
Sage Advice: The Last Remarks of Moinuddin Chishti to His Mureeds  September 4 2015
The Path of the Outward and the Inward: Islam, Iman, and Ihsan  August 28 2015
Being Steadfast/Istiqama to Make Spiritual Progress  August 21 2015
The Science of Islam 1  August 14 2015
Contentment  August 7 2015
Shukr and Kufr: The Difference between Gratitude and Ingratitude   July 31 2015
“We have Adorned for Each Society Its Acts”   July 17 2015
Eid al Fitr Khutbah: Finding the Strength-With Hardship Goeth Ease  July 17 2015
Ramadan Farewell Khutbah: Reflect on Responsibilities, Commitments, and Loyalties  July 10 2015
Good Deeds come with Purification of the Heart and Repentance  July 3, 2015
The Responsibility of the Individual In Islam: Purifying and Increasing Iman in One’s Heart  June 26 2015
Ramadan Retreat Khutbah – Humility through Repentance, Adab, and Gratitude  June 19 2015
Ramadan: An Invitation from Qur’an to Reflect on the Signs of Creation and Its Creator  June 5 2015
Humility: Those Who Strive for Humility, Strive to See Their Nafs/Self  May 29 2015
Our Mutual Responsibility in Community  May 22 2015
Our Reciprocal Responsibility   May 15 2015
Ten Principles to Live By from the Prophet’s Life  May 8 2015
Is It Possible to Become What Allah Made Us To Be?   May 1 2015
What Do We Choose to Be Enslaved To?   April 24 2015
Consciousness and Self-Awareness   April 17 2015
Taqdir and Hidayat   April 10 2015
One Must Be Prepared to Receive the Fa’id of Allah   April 3 2015
Humility and Arrogance   March 27 2015
Humility Comes from Adversity and Difficulty   March 20 2015
Qur’anic References on Proper Spending of Wealth   March 13 2015
Levels of Iman/Faith: Using One’s Intellect as a Foundation   March 6 2015
Intentions, Actions and Sincerity: The Sair ul Suluk.   February 27 2015
Reciprocal Responsibility (Takaaful)   February 13 2015
Tilling the Fertile Heart   January 30 2015
The Necerssity for a Heart Specialist   January 23 2015
Seeking Forgiveness for Ourselves and Others   January 16 2015
Ri’da/Contentment with Allah Swt  January 9 2015
Knowledge, Gentleness, and Patience  January 2 2015