The Friday and Eid Khutbahs by Shaykh Ahmed Abdur Rashid  are listed in ascending chronological order.

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12/27/19 FriWhat Does it Mean to Love Allah Swt?
12/13/19 FriActs of Devotion of a Sufi
12/06/19 FriDhikr: A Sufi Always Remembers
11/29/19 FriKinship, Solidarity, and Mercy towards Each Other
11/22/19 FriOur Responsibility for the Corruption on this Planet
11/15/19 FriSending Blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad (saws)
11/08/19 FriThe Mawlid of the Prophet Muhammad (saws)
11/01/19 FriThe Power of Duruud Shareef
10/25/19 FriIslam: Environment and Unification
10/18/19 FriRemembrance, the Measure of Dignity and Piety
10/11/14 FriThe Excellence of Duruud Shareef
10/04/19 FriKnowledge: A Great Power
09/27/19 Fri The Choice to do Nafl/Voluntary Prayers
09/13/19 FriConscience: The Incentive for Good Character
09/06/19 FriGood Advice in the Month of Muharram
08/30/19 FriRabbil ‘Aalameen – Lord of All Worlds: Becoming Conscious of Inner Dimensions
08/23/19 FriUnderstanding the Truth: Meanings, Language, Communication
08/02/19 FriDhikrullah: The Inseparability of Breath and Time
07/26/19 FriThe Real Nature of Gratitude
07/19/19 FriIslam and Education: Faith and Learning
07/12/19 FriBehind the Text of the Qur’an: Using the Intellect with Science and Religion
07/05/19 FriThe Measure of Every Muslim is in His Good Deeds
06/28/19 FriFour Major Injunctions in Islam
06/21/19 FriAllah’s Love in Brotherhood
06/14/19 FriOur Primeval Covenant
06/07/19 FriBe-ware of Your Inward State: Cultivate a Pure and Sound Heart
06/04/019 Eid Re-Newing Ourself and the Global Ummah of All Humanity: Live for Tomorrow Fully Today
05/31/19 FriFarewell Khutbah for Ramadan
05/17/19 FriNearness to Allah
05/10/19 FriPreparing the Soul for the Akhirat
05/03/19 FriQudra and Irada: The Power and Will to Act for Good or Evil
04/26/19 FriChanging Conditioning and Patterning: Choosing How to Choose
04/19/19 FriDealing with Grief and Hardship
04/12/19 FriMindfulness of Allah Swt
04/05/19 FriBeware of Your Inward State: Cultivate a Pure and Sound Heart
03/29/19 FriHumility and Pride
03/22/19 Frito be titled
03/08/18 FriThe ‘Problem’ of Suffering
03/01/19 FriRight Companionship
02/22/19 FriUsing the Inner Senses to Perceive the World
02/15/19 FriThe Aim of Human Life: The Way of Love
02/08/19 FriThe Sacrifice of Giving: The Role of Parents
02/01/19 FriThe Cure for Depression

01/25/19 FriJustice and Fulfillment
01/04/19 FriThe Power of La Hawla wala Quwwata Illa Billah