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 One very bright, sunny afternoon, Mullah Nasruddin was sitting in the shade of a walnut tree, admiring the view. The Mullah sat with his back to the broad trunk of the walnut tree, and was pleased how mucup_treeh shade the big tree gave him from the scorching hot sun. Sitting in the cool of the large shady tree was very relaxing.

 Near to the tree, Mullah Nasruddin looked at a field of watermelons growing. The watermelons were large and ripe, with beautiful shiny green stripy skins which gleamed in the sunshine. They looked delicious and thirst-quenching to eat on such a hot day.

 As Mullah Nasruddin was resting in the shade, he thought about the tasty watermelons and noticed that they grew lying on the dark soil and grew from very small vines. His mind also wandered to the small walnuts growing on the broad, sturdy tree he was leaning against. Something puzzled him. He wondered why Allah the creator had made it so that the large beautiful watermelons grew from such small vines ad the tiny walnuts grew from such a majestic large tree.

  The Mullah thought to himself that if he had created the world, he would have done things the other way round. He would have made it so that the big tree produced the big shiny watermelons, and the little vine produced the tiny little brown walnuts. Just then, a nut dropped off the tree high above his head, and plummeted down through the branches. It landed right on his head with a crack! As he rubbed his sore head, he looked again at the huge green watermelons growing on the ground. He was so very relieved that Allah, in his wisdom, had created the world in such a way that he had not been hit by one of the huge watermelons crashing down on him and spilling its juicy red flesh all over his head!

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