Turning Toward the Heart, Awakening to the Sufi Way, Forty Questions and Answers with  Shaykh al-Tariqat Hazrat Azad Rasool

Excerpt from:  “Question 35: Awakening the Heart

What does it mean for the heart to become “awakend” or “enlightened”?

turning_heart……As the salik devotes more time to muraqabah (meditation), the heart continues to be polished until it becomes like a mirror, accurately reflecting events and circumstances around it.   The heart  is “open” when the remembrance of God engages it fully.  Light suffuses the heart, revealing aspects of reality that previously lay hidden.   There dawns a new, more complete understanding of life in all its aspects.  In short, the seeker is enlightened.

The Indian master Sayyid ‘Abd al Bari Shah (r.a.) (d. 1900) once said, “To restore life to a dead person is not a miracle.”  His student Hazrat Hamid Hasan ‘Alawi (r.a.) (d.1959) asked in amazement, “If reviving the dead does not constitute a miracle, what does?”  Sayyid  ‘Abd al-Bari Shah (r.a.) replied, “The greater task is to awaken a lifeless heart.   To awaken a dead heart is not within the reach of any person unless and until the grace of God supports this effort”.

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