“Years of inner striving and outer action have created in me a framework for recognizing the greatness of Islam and its positive and constructive approach to peace. It is one that transcends the limits of this physical life, but also includes it, indeed uses it exclusively as a means to an endless awareness. In the Islamic context, peace has many names and subtleties, as well as outer and inner manifestations. Just as there are many names for peace, there are as many doorways to peace and signs of peace, inner and outer. ” Shaykh Ahmed Abdur Rashid

Travels on the Road to Peace: A Life Time Journey in the Search for Truth and Happiness is the first talk  in the  5 Sundays Series (2010-2011) by Shaykh Ahmed Abdur Rashid, on the session topic of PEACE, given at the Islamic Study Center in Charlottesville.

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