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islam_democracy_bookIslam and Democracy

A Cooperative Approach Toward Understanding Democracy: A Foundation for Ending Extremism and Preventing Conflict by J.E. Rash, was created as part of a citizen exchange program delivered by Legacy International, entitled Religion, Human Rights & Democracy: Peer Interactions between Religious and Civic Leaders in the U.S. and Read More »

Classical Teachings for the Contemporary Seeker

applied_sufismApplied Sufism frames the teachings of Sufism in the form of a response to those seeking a whole and integral path, a unity of form and meaning, and intimate knowledge of God. The intimate portrayal of conscience afforded the reader in the exposition of Read More »

Turning Toward the Heart, Awakening to the Sufi Way, Forty Questions and Answers with  Shaykh al-Tariqat Hazrat Azad Rasool

Excerpt from:  “Question 35: Awakening the Heart

What does it mean for the heart to become “awakend” or “enlightened”?

turning_heart……As the salik devotes more time to muraqabah (meditation), the heart continues Read More »