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oak glade

 Once there was an aspiring dervish.  While wandering, he came upon an oak glade.  He stayed and prayed and meditated, once a week going out for food.  Year after year he aspired, and did his practices.  But no response came, and sometimes he thought that his prayers couldn’t escape the Read More »

 One very bright, sunny afternoon, Mullah Nasruddin was sitting in the shade of a walnut tree, admiring the view. The Mullah sat with his back to the broad trunk of the walnut tree, and was pleased how mucup_treeh shade the big tree gave him from the scorching hot sun. Sitting in the cool of the large shady tree was very relaxing.

 Near to the tree, Mullah Nasruddin looked at a field of watermelons growing. The watermelons were large and ripe, with beautiful shiny green stripy skins which gleamed in the sunshine. They looked delicious and thirst-quenching to eat on such a hot day. Read More »