Shaykh Ahmed abdur Rashid was recently published in the latest issue of the international journal Political Theology. After pointing out several disturbing social and political “after-effects” of 9/11,  he offers a Sufic perspective on these trends and humanity’s responsibility to counter them with the practical application of universal values. He affirms the foundational principles of harmony and peace inherent in Islam, the power of remembrance as fundamental to the quality of humanity, and need for reflection in and on the Muslim community. Shaykh abdur Rashid encourages us to meet the challenge of a post-9/11 world filled with bigotry, prejudice and racism by putting our values into practice for the betterment of humanity.

To download  in PDF:  “The  Emerging Phenomena of Post 9-11”

The journal is available online

You can also read a short introduction to the issue, and a table of contents, posted on their blog.

Political Theology is an international journal that investigates and examines religious and political issues. The journal is interdisciplinary, drawing on the disciplines of theology, religious studies, politics, philosophy, ethics, cultural studies, social theory and economics. As such, it aims to reflect the diversity of religious and theological engagements with public and political life.

Political Theology is published by Equinox Publishing which has a wide range of journals of interest,  online subscription available.