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The teachings of Shaykh Ahmed Abdur Rashid are available in audio, print and video.

 Recent FRIDAY KHUTBAHS  posted regularly.  Khutbahs 2016, Khutbahs 2015,   Khutbahs 2014,   Khutbahs 2013, Khutbahs 2012,   Khutbahs 2011

Recent SUHBAT WITH SHAYKH RASHID – talks are available here in audio and transcript. Suhbat 2016, Suhbat 2015,   Suhbat 2014,   Suhbat 2013,   Suhbat 2012,   Suhbat 2011

Recent VIDEO   -Most talks are live webcast, you are welcome to watch the talks in video format on the Circle Group Video Channel