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07/24/21 Sat
07/23/21 Fri
07/22/21 Thu
07/21/21 Wed
07/20/21 TuesEid al Adha – phone call to Syria to Dr. Farouk Akbiq
07/20/21 TuesEid al Adha Khutbah – The Plan: To Follow or Not
07/17/21 Sat
07/16/21 Fri Nourishment of the Soul
07/15/21 Thu
07/14/21 Wed
07/10/21 Sat
07/09/21 Fri Effort is Progress: Remembrance/Ihsan
07/08/21 Thu
07/07/21 Wed
07/03/21 Sat
07/02/21 Fri Spirituality and Day to Day Life
07/01/21 Thu
06/30/21 Wed
06/26/21 Sat
06/25/21 Fri Contemplation
06/24/21 Thu
06/23/21 Wed
06/17/21 Thu
06/16/21 Wed
06/12/21 SatAt-Taskiya/Purification: Cleansing Blameworthy Traits
06/11/21 Fri The Value of Words in Islam
06/10/21 Thu
06/09/21 Wed
06/05/21 Sat
06/04/21 FriPeace and Justice
06/03/21 Thu
06/02/21 Wed
05/29/21 Sat
05/28/21 FriEnvironmental Commitment: The Role of Being Trustees
05/27/21 ThuBalance/Mizaan: Its Relationship to Fitrah
05/26/21 WedBalance/Mizaan and Connected Concepts: Symmetry, Equity, Justice
05/22/21 SatAttaining Balance in Life: Our Goal for Our Self
05/21/21 Fri Social Relations and Reconciliation
05/20/21 Thu“I was A Hidden Treasure…”: The Trust and the Ultimate Love
05/19/21 WedSelf Refinement: Are We Part of the Solution or Dissolution
05/15/21 SatThe Haqiq of Sawm/Fasting
05/14/21 Fri
05/13/21 EveTaqiyya/Dissimulation: Protecting the Secret and the Sacred
05/13/21 KhuEid al Fitr Ramadan Never Ends: Understand Its Purpose and Depth
05/12/21 WedDisclosures from the Heart: Familiarity Behind the Veil
05/08/21 SatQ&A On the Qur’an and Allegory: Isharaat, Dhawq, Muhabbat
05/07/21 FriHow to Interpret the Qur’an
05/06/21 ThuLove and the Heart’s Capacity to See
05/05/21 Wed Love Seeks the Essential Vision
05/01/21 Sat‘Arif: Emphasis of Essence over Manifestation develops a New Vision.
04/30/21 FriThe Three Ashras (Ten Days) of Ramadan
04/29/21 ThuThe Unifying Force of Love Transcends Hate
04/28/21 WedLove/Hubb and the Heart: The Movement, Dynamics, and Turning of the Heart
04/25/21 SunRR Love: Allah Swt, Jedhb and the ‘Abd. Two Segments of Dhikr
04/24/21 TeaRR Q&A
04/24/21 EveRR Sidi Abul Haadi Honerkamp
04/24/21 DhurRR Love is the Attraction, Not the Distraction: Divine Utterances and the Heart of the Knower
04/23/21 EveRR Love is the Attraction, Not the Distraction: Our Path is Jedhb and Suluk
04/23/21 KhuRR Love is the Attraction, Not the Distraction: The Guidance of Love
04/22/21 ThuRelationship to Truth: Reason and Intuition
04/21/21 WedTraveling toward Understanding: Imagination, Intuition, Reason
04/16/21 FriWhen Ramadan Reconciliation Might Fail: A Personal Dialogue with self/Allah Swt
04/15/21 ThuThree Levels to Allah: Essence, Names, Creation
04/14/21 WedLight and the Concept of Refraction: Connectivity and Unity
04/10/21 SatIman/Faith and Provision: Measure and Balance
04/09/21 FriRemembering and Discovering
04/08/21 ThuHumility vs Arrogance: Awliya, Attitude, Consciousness
04/07/21 WedThe Dhahir and Batin of the Ramadan Fast
04/03/21 SatThe Responsibility of the Elect and the Ripple Effect of our Actions
04/02/21 Fri Love in Islam
04/01/21 ThuThe Light of Tajalli: Repentance, Conscience, Heart
03/31/21 WedHealing Dying Hearts
03/27/21 SatHonoring Dr. Nawab’s Memory: Recitations and Sharings
03/26/21 FriRefugees: The History of Fleeing
03/25/21 ThuSuccess and Reciprocity: Balance, Practices, Dhikr Needed
03/24/21 WedTransforming, Change: The Sufic View of Life
03/20/21 SatEstablish a Means for Change: Remain Flexible, Deal with the Nafs
03/19/21 FriSpring and Renewal
03/18/21 ThuThe Sufi World View: Time, Intention, Change, Making the Internal and External Consistent
03/17/21 WedWalking the Razor’s Edge: Tawhid, Intention, Balance
03/13/21 SatThe Water Element and Qur’anic References
03/12/21 FriVirtues of the Four Blessed Phrases
03/11/21 ThuThe Water Element: Essential in our Life Goals
03/10/21 WedIsra Miraj: A Discussion of Its Ta’wil
03/06/21 Sat Two Seas Meet: Tajalli and Istitar
03/05/21 FriLove and Hate for the Sake of Allah Swt
03/04/21 ThuWhat We are Searching for will be Found Within
03/03/21 WedRaqib: The Heart, Vigilance, Muraqabah and Divine Presence
02/27/21 SatMuhasabah: Spiraling Deep into the Practice
02/26/21 FriRemembering Allah in Difficult Times
02/25/21 ThuThe Paradox of Higher Spiritual Knowledge: What is Knowable and What is Unknowable
02/24/21 WedThe Element of Water: Linkages to the Source of Life
02/20/21 SatThe Qur’an, the Word, and the Transforming Nature of Language
02/19/21 EveLa ilaha ilAllah/Kalimat al Tayyibah. Nafsi Safiyya/The Complete Self.
02/19/21 KhuHabitat of Tahlil
02/17/21 Wed Levels of Development: Nafs al-Mardiyah
02/12/21 FriRemembering Allah Swt in Hard Times
02/11/21 Thu Levels of Development: Nafs al-Radiyah
02/10/21 Wed Achieving Levels of Development: Some Practical Aspects
02/06/21 Sat Levels of Development: Nafs al-Mulhima and al-Mu’mainnah
02/05/21 Fri Addressing the Culture of Self-Promotion
02/04/21 ThuFirst Levels of Development: Nafs Ammarra, Nafs Lawwama
02/03/21 WedThe Dhahir and the Batin: The Counterpoint of their Blessings
01/30/21 SatA Place of Love to Rendezvous with Allah Swt and the Primordial Decision of Belief
01/29/21 FriMu’min/Muslim: Safety in Islam
01/28/21 ThuLove, Attraction, Suhbat and The Practices
01/27/21 WedThe Nourishment of the Heart: Our Responsibility
01/23/21 SatThe Journey of the Heart and the Evolution of the Self
01/22/21 FriGratitude
01/21/21 ThuThe Light within the Circles Within
01/20/21 WedQalb/Heart and the Essence of Wuqufi Qalbi: Shems Tabriz’s Rules of Love
01/16/21 SatRight Guidance requires the Willingness to Change
01/15/21 FriMindfulness of Allah Swt
01/14/21 ThuDuties of Brotherhood: Dive Deeply for Self Development
01/13/21 WedThe Journey toward Deeper Love: Finding Truth by Paying Attention to Detail
01/09/21 SatChange: The Freedom to Evolve. Tear out the Old, Keep the Influence of the Good
01/08/21 FriThe Prophet’s Seerah: A Template for Transformation
01/07/21 ThuRecognize, Affirm, Seek Change: Begin with Intention, Keep Suhbat
01/06/21 WedGovernance and Tyrannical Leaders: A Sufic Perspective and the Unseen Government
01/02/21 SatTaskiya An-Nafs: Ihsan and Adab
01/01/21 EveMindfulness: 21st Century Muraqabah
01/01/21 KhuSufic Mindfulness