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12/30/20 WedRuh and Amal-e Saleh: Being Attracted back to the Source
12/26/20 SatFaith and Amal-e Saleh: Righteous Good Deeds
12/25/20 Fri Dealing with Stress
12/24/20 ThuWuqufi Qalbi: Progress through Practice
12/23/20 WedWuqufi Qalbi: The Act of Being Present
12/19/20 SatMuraqabah: The Doorways of Al Faq and An Fus
12/18/20 Fri “Allah is the Best of Planners”
12/17/20 ThuMuraqabah and the Symphony of Creation
12/16/20 WedMuraqabah and Tajalli: Vigilance in Attendance and Removing the Veil
12/12/20 SatThe Lataa’if: The Means to Receive the Tajalli
12/11/20 FriImportance of Brotherly Advice
12/10/20 ThuStages of Divine Unity: Inner and Outer Aspects and Concepts
12/09/20 Wed
12/05/20 SatThe Journey: A Shaykh, Murideen, Heart of a Believer, Intention, Striving, Trust, Progress
12/04/20 Fri The Story of the People of the Garden
12/03/20 ThuIbaada: Dhikr, Du’aa, Fikr, Muraqabah
12/02/20 WedTurning the Heart to the Master Within
12/01/20 TuesHonoring the Shaykh’s Birthday with Readings and Presentations. Shaykh gives brief dars at end.
11/28/20 SatThe Heart and Divine Jedhb: Degrees, Stages, and Veils
11/27/20 Fri Du’ah/Supplication to Allah Swt
11/26/20 ThuWhat is Progress in Tariqah?: Practice, Humility, Gratitude, Goodness
11/25/20 WedThanksgiving and the Effect of Gratitude
11/21/20 SatPeople of Tasawwuf and the Qutb: Waqufi Qalbi and Muraqabah
11/20/20 Fri “Allah is the Best of Planners”
11/19/20 ThuWuqufi Qalbi: Attuning to Our Own Heart
11/18/20 WedWuqufi Qalbi: The Most Efficacious Practice
11/14/20 SatTajalli: Theophany as Light. Tawhid, Inference, Kashf, Dhikr
11/13/20 Fri Social Justice in Islam
11/12/20 ThuMindfulness of the Presence: The Universal Intellect and the Evolution of the Nafs
11/11/20 WedTajalli upon the Lataa’if: The Essence/Dhat and the Attributes/Sifat
11/07/20 SatHonoring the Urs of Hazrat. Tajalli: The Light of the Essence
11/06/20 FriIslam and Environment: Responsibility Lies Behind Every Decision
11/05/20 ThuTajalli: Manifestations and Dimensions
11/04/20 WedThe Responsibility of Giving Knowledge
10/31/20 SatThe Suluk: Journeying through to Other Spheres
10/30/20 FriIslam and Social Justice
10/29/20 ThuThe Birth of the Message: Reflecting and Transmitting the Light
10/28/20 WedA Place of Yearning for Fulfillment: The Urge for Joy and Happiness
10/24/20 SatThe Relationship between Self-Awareness and Limitations Requires Muraqabah and Mujahadah
10/23/20 FriOne Day in Mecca – Equity in Islam
10/22/2020 ThuDepths of Seeing: Looking at Our Defects with a Sense of Discovery
10/21/20 WedKnowledge and Insight: Basira, Basara, and Firasa
10/17/20 SatThe Siratul Mustaqim: Refining Character to Make the Return Journey
10/15/20 ThuIntimacy with Allah Swt: The Link is in the Ruh
10/14/20 WedThe Tariqah is a Path to the Divine: It Requires Effortless Effort
10/10/20 Sat We are All Seekers on the Suluk: We Begin where Others End
10/09/10 FriIn Times of Stress
10/08/20 ThuThe Journey through the Lataa’if Resolves in Love and Light
10/07/20 Wed Dhikr and the Ruh
10/03/20 SatThe Ta’wil of Dhikr from the Nuri Muhammad: The Effort of Application from Us
10/02/20 Fri Justice: ‘Adl and Qist
10/01/20 ThuTransforming from State to Potential through the Nuri Muhammad and Dhikr
09/30/20 WedDhikr Begins with Illuminating the Heart and the Descent of Knowledge to the Heart
09/26/20 SatThe ‘Alam al Mithal : A Barzakh
09/25/20 FriA Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsberg: A Trailblazer for Justice
09/24/20 ThuThe Afterlife and Imagination: The Barzakh and the Alam al Mithal
09/23/20 WedOur Created Purpose is Linked to Good Deeds and Ibaada
09/19/20 SatThe Lataa’if: Meditating through Transmissions
09/18/20 FriLife after Death in Light of Qur’an and Hadith
09/17/20 ThuThree Naqshbandi Practices: Concentration, Contemplation, Meditation
09/16/20 WedThe Tools of the Lataa’if: Spiritual Glasses for Seeing
09/12/20 SatApplying Knowledge of the Lataa’if: The Blessing of Nafas/Breath
09/11/20 Fri The Tree of Dhikr, Deeply Rooted, Bears Fruit
09/10/20 ThuFollow Your Intuition: Recognize It, Accept It through Refining the Lataa’if
09/09/20 WedThe Ten Lataa’if as a Bridge between the ‘Aalam al Khalq and the ‘Aalam al Amr
09/05/20 SatStages of Nafs 5-7
09/04/20 FriThe Earth a Masjid: Prostration of the Heart
09/03/20 ThuStages of Nafs 2-4
09/02/20 WedMuhasabat: Our Accountability. The Role of the Nafs Ammarra
08/29/20 SatMuhasabat: Our Accountability. What Did we Do Unknowingly?
08/28/20 Fri“The Whole Earth is My Masjid”
08/27/20 ThuPeace and Justice: Not just Words but Comprehensive Concepts
08/26/20 WedJustice and Peace and the Role of Community
08/22/20 SatMethods and Practices of Muraqabah and Salat ul Tahajjud
08/21/20 FriRacism and Islam
08/20/20 ThuAchieving the Goal on the Suluk requires Effort, Sacrifice, Clear Niyyat, Love
08/19/20 WedMethods and Practices of Dhikr
08/15/20 SatContemplation in Qalb: A Harmonious and Balanced Exertion of the Heart, Mind, and Reason
08/14/20 FriThe Soul of Islam is a Vigilant and Mindful Heart
08/13/20 ThuUnderstanding Subtleties: A Harmonious and Balanced Exertion of the Heart, Mind, and Reason
08/12/20 WedThe Science of Jedhb and Nisbat
08/08/20 SatSuccess: The Integration of Spiritual Knowledge in Life
08/07/20 FriLessons to Heed before the Day of Judgment
08/06/20 ThuThe Power of Inner States: Stages of Muraqabah
08/05/20 WedSufic Mindfulness: Interface of Muraqabah and Muhasabat
08/01/20 Sat Being Present in the Presence: Muraqabah and Muhasabat
07/31/20 FriRemembering Harold Robles
07/31/20 EidEid al Adha Khutbah: The Sacrifice Today
07/30/20 ThuBeing Present in the Presence: Sufism as a Foundation
07/29/20 WedBeing Present in the Presence: Tawajjuh
07/25/20 SatWhen the Heart turns toward Ruh and Nafs: Necessary Consciousness
07/24/20 Fri Dimensions of Time
07/23/20 ThuThe Heart: The Remedy for Balance and Health
07/22/20 WedInner Dimensions for the Seeker: Subtleties of the Hayaatul Tayyibah
07/18/20 SatIn Honor of John Lewis: Concepts of Justice – ‘Adl and Qist
07/17/20 FriHuman Rights: Qur’an and Hadith
07/16/20 ThuMizan: The Balance of Faith and Deeds or Acceptance and Action
07/15/20 WedThe Sayr ul Suluk and Mindfulness
07/11/20 SatThe Sayr ul Suluk: Tawbah is the First Step
07/10/20 FriIslam and Education: Learning How to Learn
07/09/20 ThuRefining the Lataa’if: The Concepts of Istidraj and At-taskiya
07/08/20 WedSeeing through Circles: The Seeker’s Secret
07/04/20 SatCelebration of Founder’s Day Honoring the Shaykh and the Shuyukh: Theme – Tariqah, Community, and the Heart
07/03/20 FriLessons from COVID19
07/02/20 ThuThe Lataa’if and Interconnectedness: Circles and Faith
07/01/20 WedExperiences are Doorways to the Lataa’if
06/27/20 SatRules of the Order: Review. Circle of Light.
06/26/20 FriPerspective on the Pandemic
06/25/20 ThuThe Rules of the Order: The Three Pauses
06/24/20 WedThe Rules of the Order: Restraint and Watchfulness
06/20 20 SatThe Rules of the Order: Khilwa and Solitude Amidst the Crowd, Recollecting, Remembrance
06/19/20 Fri“I Can’t Breathe”
06/18/20 ThuThe Rules of the Order: Watching One’s Steps, Traveling in One’s Homeland
06/17/20 WedNafs and the First Four Rules of the Order
06/13/20 SatThe Force and Power of Muraqabah
06/12/20 FriBeware of Your Inward State
06/11/20 ThuDhikr: Cleansing the Lataa’if
06/10/20 WedFikr/Tafakkur: Reflection. Many Aspects to Understand.
06/06/20 SatThe Foundation for Transformation: Repetition, Patience, Internalization
06/05/20 FriReason and Revelation: Islam’s Basis for Ethics and Morality
06/04/20 ThuGuidelines on the Sayr ul Suluk: Reflection and Contemplation
06/03/20 WedTafakkur and Tadhakkur: Transforming Ourselves
05/30/20 SatThe Cure for Oppression: Gratitude and Self-Reflection
05/29/20 FriTranquility in Times of Anxiety
05/28/20 ThuSeven Stages of the Path: Closing the Gulf to Allah Swt
05/27/20 WedThe Lataa’if: Spiritual Communication and a Tuning Process
05/24/20 EidEid al Fitr Khutbah
05/23/20 SatA Sufi finds a Deeper Level of Contentment
05/22/20 FriLife After Ramadan
05/21/20 ThuNurturing the Presence of Heart: Muraqabah, Mindfulness
05/20/20 WedThe Path of Being a Servant to Allah Swt: Choosing to Accept the Challenge or Not
05/16/20 SatThe Way of Tasawwuf: Niyyat, Change, Maturing, Goals
05/15/20 FriFaith as a Fortress of Five Walls
05/14/20 ThuAllah is Where We Begin: The Pursuit of Inner Knowledge
05/13/20 WedApproach Life with Your Qualities and Allah’s Qualities Respond
05/09/20 SatHealing of Body and Soul: Incumbent for People of Tariqah
05/08/20 Fri Isti’adhah: Seeking Refuge in Allah Swt
05/07/20 ThuSirr, Your Conscience: The Secret Within Your Own Self
05/06/20 WedGaining Knowledge of the Existence of Allah Swt
05/02/20 SatComing to Deep Wisdom: Marifah of Allah Swt
05/01/20 Fri Whatever You Do, You Do To Yourself
04/30/20 ThuStriving in the Essence of Shari’ah for Perfection
04/29/20 WedA Message in Ramadan: Compassion and Sincerity
04/25/20 SatThe Miserable State of Being Separated from Allah Swt
04/24/20 FriBelieving in the Hope and Healing of Ramadan
04/23/20 ThuRamadan: A Time for Milestones for Change
04/22/20 WedRamadan: The Responsibility to Practice
04/18/20 SatMuraqabah: Adab, Love, Ihsan, Raabita
04/17/20 FriBlessings of Ramadan
04/16/20 ThuMuraqabah: Being Present in the Presence of the Divine
04/15/20 WedWhatever is Difficult is to Refine Your Self
04/11/20 SatMushahadah and Muraqabah: Witnessing and Observation
04/10/20 FriMeasuring our Spiritual Purification
04/09/20 ThuAdab in Tariqah: The Key is Overcoming One’s Self
04/08/20 WedNisfu Sha’ban. The Lataa’if: Nafs and the Animal Nature.
04/04/20 SatThe Lataa’if: The Light of the Lataa’if. Ahadiyya and Wahadiyya.
04/03/20 FriThe Obligatory Spiritual Journey
04/02/20 ThuThe Lataa’if: After They are Illuminated
04/01/20 WedThe Lataa’if: Nafs and the Sultan al Adhkar. A Quantum Look at the Throne Verse.
03/28/20 SatThe Lataa’if: The Latifa Akhfa
03/27/20 FriMuslim Politics: The View of Believers
03/26/20 ThuThe Lataa’if: Sirr and Khafee
03/25/20 WedThe Lataa’if: Qalb and Ruh
03/22/20 SunThe Nuri Muhammad: A Lamp for Humanity
03/20/20 FriThe Humble “I”: Tranquility in an Age of Distress and Anxiety
03/19/20 ThuThe Path through Life: Seeking the Spiritual Doctor and Remedy
03/18/20 WedWays of Holding Steady: Dhikr, Fikr, Faqir, Muhabbat
03/14/20 SatRemembering to Remember Dhikr
03/13/20 Fri“La Hawla wa La Quwwata illah Billah” : Its Deeper Meaning
03/12/20 ThuThe Power of Dhikr: Its Stages and Benefits
03/11/20 WedThe Latifa Nafs and Other Minor Lataa’if
03/07/20 Sat The Lataa’if: The Batani and Dhahiri Dimensions of Life
03/06/20 FriRising to the Needs of the Pandemic Challenge
03/05/20 ThuThe Current of Fayd from Murshid to Mureed: The Struggle with Doubt
03/04/20 WedDoubt and the Need for Trust and Adab
02/29/20 SatLatifa Sirr: The Secret of the Secrets and Muhasabat
02/28/20 FriEffects of Epidemics and Plagues on the Muslim Community
02/27/20 ThuLatifa Sirr: The Secret of the Secrets where we Speak to Allah
02/26/20 WedThe Lataa’if and Sakina
02/22/20 SatThe Soul: What Happens after the Death of the Body
02/21/20 FriSurah At-Tin: An Existential View of Humanity
02/20/20 Thu The Power of Allah Lies in the Heart
02/19/20 Wed Passing through the Doorway of Taqwa
02/15/20 Sat Gatherings of Dhikr: Their Importance and Meaning
02/12/20 Wed The Power of Gathering for the Purpose of Remembering
02/08/20 Sat Hijra: A Higher Level of Understanding Migration
02/07/20 FriResponding to the Jahiliyya Elements of Today’s World
02/06/20 Thu Series on Time: Quantum Theory – Entanglement
02/05/20 Wed Series on Time: Space, Time, Relativity, and Qur’an
02/01/20 SatTawakkul: Trust in Allah Swt
01/31/20 FriNot Just Worship: Semantic Layers of ‘Ibadah’
01/30/20 ThuIman and Ikhwan: The Bond of Faith and Brotherhood
01/29/20 WedMuraqabah: Guarding this Way of Life
01/25/20 SatFayd: Being Receptive to the Overflow
01/24/20 FriAttaining Knowledge: A Spiritual Responsibility
01/23/20 ThuThe World of Imagination is the World of Eternity
01/22/20 Wed“A Sound Heart” on the Path is linked to Muraqabah, Jedhb, and Qalb
01/18/20 SatTime: How it is Valued, Measured, Defined
01/17/20 FriTawhid: Living in Balance
01/16/20 ThuSuhbat and Making Progress: Keeping the Right Company
01/15/20 WedMevlana and Love/Eshq: Lessons from the Story of the Mouse and the Frog
01/11/20 SatProgress: Real and Fake
01/10/20 FriFaith and Tawhid in Perilous Times
01/09/20 ThuEternity and Time
01/08/20 WedTajdid as Personal Renewal
01/04/20 SatKhwaja Bahaudin Naqshband’s 3 Ways to Spiritual Knowledge: Muraqabah, Muhasabah, Mushahadah
01/03/20 FriThe Humble “I”: Tranquility in an Age of Distress and Anxiety
01/02/20 ThuDevelopment in Suhbat: The Inner and Outer, and the Luminouse Shariah
01/01/20 WedFilters for At-Taskiya: Faith, Commitment, Perseverance