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04/11/20 Sat
04/10/20 Fri
04/09/20 Thu
04/08/20 Wed
04/04/20 Sat
04/03/20 FriThe Obligatory Spiritual Journey
04/02/20 Thu
04/01/20 Wed
03/28/20 Sat
03/27/20 FriMuslim Politics: The View of Believers
03/26/20 Thu
03/25/20 Wed
03/22/20 SunThe Soul: What Happens after the Death of the Body
03/20/20 FriThe Humble “I”: Tranquility in an Age of Distress and Anxiety
03/19/20 Thu
03/18/20 Wed
03/14/20 SatRemembering to Remember Dhikr
03/13/20 Fri“La Hawla wa La Quwwata illah Billah” : Its Deeper Meaning
03/12/20 Thu
03/11/20 WedThe Latifa Nafs and Other Minor Lataa’if
03/07/20 Sat
03/06/20 FriRising to the Needs of the Pandemic Challenge
03/05/20 ThuThe Current of Fayd from Murshid to Mureed: The Struggle with Doubt
03/04/20 WedDoubt and the Need for Trust and Adab
02/29/20 SatLatifa Sirr: The Secret of the Secrets and Muhasabat
02/28/20 FriEffects of Epidemics and Plagues on the Muslim Community
02/27/20 ThuLatifa Sirr: The Secret of the Secrets where we Speak to Allah
02/26/20 WedThe Lataa’if and Sakina
02/22/20 SatThe Soul: What Happens after the Death of the Body
02/21/20 FriSurah At-Tin: An Existential View of Humanity
02/20/20 Thu The Power of Allah Lies in the Heart
02/19/20 Wed Passing through the Doorway of Taqwa
02/15/20 Sat Gatherings of Dhikr: Their Importance and Meaning
02/12/20 Wed The Power of Gathering for the Purpose of Remembering
02/08/20 Sat Hijra: A Higher Level of Understanding Migration
02/07/20 FriResponding to the Jahiliyya Elements of Today’s World
02/06/20 Thu Series on Time: Quantum Theory – Entanglement
02/05/20 Wed Series on Time: Space, Time, Relativity, and Qur’an
02/01/20 SatTawakkul: Trust in Allah Swt
01/31/20 FriNot Just Worship: Semantic Layers of ‘Ibadah’
01/30/20 ThuIman and Ikhwan: The Bond of Faith and Brotherhood
01/29/20 WedMuraqabah: Guarding this Way of Life
01/25/20 SatFayd: Being Receptive to the Overflow
01/24/20 FriAttaining Knowledge: A Spiritual Responsibility
01/23/20 ThuThe World of Imagination is the World of Eternity
01/22/20 Wed“A Sound Heart” on the Path is linked to Muraqabah, Jedhb, and Qalb
01/18/20 SatTime: How it is Valued, Measured, Defined
01/17/20 FriTawhid: Living in Balance
01/16/20 ThuSuhbat and Making Progress: Keeping the Right Company
01/15/20 WedMevlana and Love/Eshq: Lessons from the Story of the Mouse and the Frog
01/11/20 SatProgress: Real and Fake
01/10/20 FriFaith and Tawhid in Perilous Times
01/09/20 ThuEternity and Time
01/08/20 WedTajdid as Personal Renewal
01/04/20 SatKhwaja Bahaudin Naqshband’s 3 Ways to Spiritual Knowledge: Muraqabah, Muhasabah, Mushahadah
01/03/20 FriThe Humble “I”: Tranquility in an Age of Distress and Anxiety
01/02/20 ThuDevelopment in Suhbat: The Inner and Outer, and the Luminouse Shariah
01/01/20 WedFilters for At-Taskiya: Faith, Commitment, Perseverance