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 DATE      TITLE                                                       youtube audio file
 12/30/17 Sat Ending One Series (On the Heart), Beginning Another (On the Soul and Life after Death: The Imaginal World) video audio
 12/28/17 Thu Vigilance: A Maqam of the Heart video audio
 12/27/17 Wed Vigilance in the Heart Softens the Heart video audio
 12/21/17 Thu  The Whispering Shaytan and the Purity of the Heart video audio
 12/20/17 Wed Supporting the Belief in the Existence of Allah: The Scientific Approach video audio
 12/16/17 Sat The Heart: The Vessel in Life for the Pursuit of Knowledge video audio
 12/14/17 Thu The Love of Allah Swt: Ar Rahman Ar Raheem and Those Who Believe video audio
 12/13/17 Wed The Love of Allah Swt: Rahmat and Raheem and Hubb video audio
 12/09/17 Sat  What is the Purpose of Life?  The Purpose is Worship video audio
 12/07/17 Thu Supporting the Belief in the Existence of Allah Swt: The Kalam Approach, The Qur’anic Approach video audio
 12/06/17 Wed Haqq al Karamah: The Responsibility to Others and the Importance of Community video audio
 12/02/17 Sat Honoring the Birth of our Shaykh – Presentations in Masjid and at Meal (apologies for some audio presentations that were accidentally not recorded on this video, though they were presented at the meal.) video audio
 11/30/17 Thu Principles for Sustaining Human Existence: Fulfilling the Purpose of Sufi Community video audio
 11/29/17 Wed Seeking Truth and Understanding in a World of Untruth video audio
 11/25/17 Sat Shadhili Teaching: The Way of Suluk and the Way of Jedhb.  Muraqabah and Remembrance. video audio
 11/23/17 Thu Love and Its Deeper Constituents. Himma and Relationship to Self.  video audio
 11/22/17 Wed The Spiritual Light that Flows by Way of Love from Heart to Heart video audio
 11/18/17 Sat Life: A Search for the Unseen Love.  A Trust that is Kept in the Heart. video audio
 11/16/17 Thu  Tasawwuf Meets the Demands of the World we Live In video audio
 11/15/17 Wed Muhasabat, Munasabat, and Trust: Our Relationship to a Higher Power video audio
 11/08/17 Wed  Intention: Habitual or Conscious? Finding the Perfect Niyyat video audio
 11/06/17 Mon URS of Hazrat Azad Rasool (ar) video audio
11/04/17 Sat The Future of Our Khanaqah: Community is Essential and Requires Constant Renewal video audio
 11/02/17 Thu Leadership in Living Securely: Faith and Good Works video audio
 11/01/17 Wed The Challenge to See and Move between the Inner and the Outer video audio
 10/28/17 Sat The Goal of the Practices: Remembrance video audio
 10/26/17 Thu Time and Timelessness: Consciousness and Knowledge video audio
 10/25/17 Wed Series on Good and Evil: The Origination of Good and Evil video audio
 10/21/17 Sat Energy as Expressions of Truth and Transformation: The Struggle to Understand Energy video audio
 10/19/17 Thu The Inner Hero: Fighting Outer Injustices while Looking at One’s Own Faults video audio
 10/18/17 Wed The Dhahir and Batin of Salat: The Ta’wil of the Postures of Salat video audio
 10/12/17 Thu Series on Good and Evil: Choices – The Intention and Purpose behind Them video audio
 10/11/17 Wed Series on Good and Evil: Essential Differences Among Human Beings video audio
 10/07/17 Sat  The Universal Soul: Nafsi Qurbi. Various Souls and the Imaginal Body. Souls that Gain Knowledge. video audio
 10/05/17 Thu Quantum Physics as Revealed in Qur’an: Science and Spirituality Compliment Each Other video audio
 10/04/17 Wed  ‘Ilm: A Source of Potentiality and the Nature of Cooperation and Collaboration video audio
 9/30/17 Sat Irfan: Hadith Haqiqah. Suratul Nur: The Enlightened Individual. video audio
 9/28/17 Thu The ‘Irfan of Imam Ali (as): Direct and Experiential Knowledge video audio
 9/27/17 Wed Enjoin the Good and Positive: Against Tyranny, Corruption, AI, and a Lack of Moral Compass video audio
 9/23/17 Sat Destructive Aspects of Energy: Controlling Emotions video audio
 9/21/17 Thu Utilizing Internal Energy in Positive Ways: The Essence of Community video audio
 9/20/17 Wed  Living to Be: Be Lieving In the Creative Moment video audio
 9/16/17 Sat  Tasawwuf: Dynamic and Evolutionary video audio
 9/14/17 Thu  The Reality of Live, Death, and the Hereafter: Continuation and Sustainability video audio
 9/13/17 Wed The Value of Sufi Community: Re-Source-Fullness video audio
 9/09/17 Sat  Challenge of the Path: Becoming Sensitive to the Subtle Messages in Everything video audio
 9/07/17 Thu  The Energy of Serendipity and Tawajjuh/Paying Attention: Key to Controlling One’s Self, One’s Progress video audio
 9/06/17 Wed The Energy Experienced in Serendipitous Events: Understanding Its Meanings video audio
 9/02/17 Sat Tanzil and Ta’wil. Some History. Ta’wil of Ibrahim’s Sacrifice. video audio
 8/30/17 Wed Reasons for Lack of Progress on the Path: Fear of Change, Negative Formation of Character video audio
 8/26/17 Sat  The World of Kamal and Science video audio
 8/24/17 Thu  Here and the Hereafter: A Continuum video audio
 8/20/17 Sun Phone call Instructions on the Practices: The Circles, Durood Shareef, Wuqufi Zamani video audio
 8/12/17 Sat Seek Out Your Own Faults video audio
 08/05/17 Sat A Qur’anic Explanation of the Big Bang, Wormholes, Dark Matter video audio
 08/03/17 Thu Irfan: A Qualitative Perspective of the Whole Universe video audio
 08/02/17 Wed Teleportation on the Concept of Tayyi-al-Ard: Linking the Physical and Spiritual Worlds video audio
 07/29/17 Sat  The World of Kamal and Science video audio
 07/27/17 Thu  A Qur’anic Explanation of Wormholes video audio
 07/26/17 Wed AN – The Creative Moment video audio
 07/22/17 Sat Education of the Self: Seizing the Moment/An.  Creativity in the Pursuit of Inner Knowledge video audio
 07/20/17 Thu Baseera, Samaa’, Fu’aad: Education of the Heart video audio
 07/19/17 Wed  The Sufi Law of Life: Characteristics of the Sufi and the Journey video audio
 07/15/17 Sat  Baseera, Samaa’, Fu’aad: Equals Real Knowledge/’Ilm video audio
 07/13/17 Thu  The Meaning of Kafir: Addressing Expectations and Ways of Valuing and Judging video audio
 07/12/17 Wed  Humanity’s Search for Happiness: Part of the Remedy is Suhbat video audio
 07/06/17 Thu  The Nature of Light: Light, Eternity, Levels of Knowledge. Suhbat and Keeping Company video audio
 07/05/17 Wed  Q&A on the Whisperer and the Awliyallah.  Explanation of a Singularity. video audio
 07/01/17 Sat  Tawajjuh, Muraqabah, Fayd: Concepts, Attributes behind the Practices video audio