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 DATE TITLE  youtube  audio file
12.31.16 Sat Reliance on Those who Rely on Allah Swt: The Path of Good Character and Good Conduct   video   audio
12.29.16 Thu The Journey that Requires Patience and Thankfulness   video   audio
12.28.16 Wed Following the Rules of Real Freedom:Living the Spirit of Sufism and Islam   video   audio
12.24.16 Sat “Grasp what Transpires behind That which Appears”: The Goal and Process of the Spiritual Journey   video   audio
12.21.16 Wed Aspire to Have No Aspirations: Yearning to Yearn is Tawbah for the Sufi   video   audio
12.17.16 Sat The Link between Intention and Knowledge: Ways to Overcome Obstacles on the Journey   video   audio
12.15.16 Thu The State of No Thought: Practices can create a Pure State of Attention and Consciousness   video   audio
12.14.16 Wed The Value of Truth: Validating Faith with Reason and Logic   video   audio
12.10.16 Sat Loyalty to One’s Soul through Stages of Struggle on the Journey   video   audio
12.08.16 Thu “Beware of Hurting the Hearts of Sufis”- Adab: Foundation of the Spiritual Journey   video   audio
12.07.16 Wed “Beware of Hurting the Hearts of Sufis” – Adab: Made by Attention and Behavior towards Allah Swt   video   audio
12.03.16 Sat Shaykh’s Bday Celebration – Dinner Presentations and Shaykh’s Comments   video
12.03.16 Sat Shaykh’s Bday Celebration – Dinner Presentations   video
12.03.16 Sat Shaykh’s Bday Celebration – Masjid Readings   video
12.01.16 Thu Self Destructiveness and the Remedy of Patience. Ta’wil on Significant Passages of Qur’an   video   audio
 11.30.16 Wed The Secret of Death: Makhluq – Reading from Shaykh Abul Qadir Jilani (ra)   video   audio
 11.26.16 Sat Saturday Suhbat (to be titled)   video   audio
 11.24.16 Thu The Universal Soul: We are Born with Many Elements of Potentiality. Our Transformation Begins in Qalb.   video   audio
 11.24.16 Thu Thanksgiving Dinner Comments   video   audio
 11.23.16 Wed The Unseen World of Jahannam: Types of Hell   video   audio
 11.19.16 Sat Contemplating the Purpose of This World, Its Relationship to the Hereafter, and the Search for Knowledge   video   audio
 11.18.16 Fri Traveling to Self Knowledge: References from Imam al Ghazali (ra)   video   audio
 11.12.16 Sat Hajjah Maria Ulfa: Lesson with Recitation   video   audio
 11.10.16 Thu Refining Oneself in Order to Perceive Signs, Good and Bad   video   audio
 11.09.16 Wed The Key of Adab is for Every Situation: In Attitude, Behavior, and Keeping Good Company   video   audio
 11.05.16 Sat The Quest for Truth: Adab, Effort, Paying Attention to Clues. Tawakkul: A Pillar for Progress.   video   audio
 11.03.16 Thu Choosing the Right Thing to Do: Empowerment of Healing, Adab of Practices, Changing Oneself   video   audio
 11.02.16 Wed Because It Is the Right Thing to Do: Intentions, Assumptions, and the Nafs   video   audio
 10.29.16 Sat Integral to the Human Being is Relatedness and Relationships: Carrying Messages from the Batin to the Dhahir   video   audio
 10.27.16 Thu Be What You Can Be: By Asking the Right Questions Answers Have to Develop   video   audio
 10.26.16 Wed The Qur’an: The Successor of the Holy Texts and the Way to that Knowledge.   video   audio
 10.22.16 Sat The Light of the Sayr ul Suluk: Ta’wil of Verses from Qur’an   video   audio
 10.20.16 Thu Ta’wil on a Poem by Jurjani: Eternity, Perfection, Knowledge, Truth   video   audio
 10.15.16 Sat When the Destination of the Journey is Not Known: Longing, Aspiration, and Love   video   audio
 10.13.16 Thu The Story of Ibn Kumayl: Three Levels of Man. Continuing the Seven Stages of Nafs   video   audio
 10.12.16 Wed The Guidance and Way of Sufism: Self Discipline, Greater Jihad, Nafs Ammaara   video   audio
 10.08.16 Sat  Imam Ali (as): The Power of Oral Teachings. The Story of the Lure of Dunya. Ta’wil of the Story of Ibn Kumayl   video   audio
 10.06.16 Thu Commitment to a Spiritual Journey: Inspiration, Necessity, and Change   video   audio
 10.05.16 Wed Establish a Pattern of Accountability. Develop a Toolbox through Transmissions   video   audio
 10.01.16 Sat  Purification through Keeping Company with the Pure. The Ta’wil of Ba’ait.   video   audio
 09.29.16 Thu Stages of Nafs: Mulhamma, Lawwama, Radiyya, Mardiyya   video   audio
 09.28.16 Wed  The Ta’wil of Ba’ait: Inner Purification.  Transformation by Application Using the Tools of the Transmissions   video   audio
 09.24.16 Sat  Validation of Tawassul: Supplication to Allah Swt through Intermediaries/Wasila   video   audio
 09.22.16 Thu  Knowing Oneself: Dying to Oneself. Arrive through Guidance and Practices.   video   audio
 09.21.16 Wed  Spiritual Self-Discipline: Restraining the Lower Self.   Grief: It is Not Without Benefit   video   audio
 09.17.16 Sat  Love of Perfection: Seeking through Knowledge, Beauty, and Excellence   video   audio
 09.15.16 Thu  Love and What Evokes It: The Role of Knowledge, Beauty, and Excellence   video   audio
 09.12.16 Mon  Eid al Adha Khutbah  (go to Khutbahs2016)
 09.10.16 Sat Love: Muhabbat and the Stage of Bewilderment and Transcendence   video   audio
 09.08.16 Thu Realizing Love: The Inner and Outer Science of Spirituality   video   audio
 09.07.16 Wed  Non-Locality: A Basis for Understanding Tawhid/Unity   video   audio
 09.03.16 Sat  Bee Community: “When it sits, it does not break [the flower].”   video   audio
 09.01.16 Thu  The Ta’wil of Repentance: Inaba and Penitence   video   audio
 08.31.16 Wed The Ta’wil of Niyyat/Intention   video   audio
 08.27.16 Sat Knowledge and Knowledge of Allah Swt: What is Revealed and What is Concealed   video   audio
 08.25.16 Thu Jihad al Akbar : Following the Siratul Mustaqim so as Not to Follow the Impulse of the Lower Nature   video   audio
 08.24.16 Wed Jihad al Akbar: A Struggle Greater than War   video   audio
 08.20.16 Sat ‘Alam al Dharr: The Goal and Purpose of Life   video   audio
 08.18.16 Thu ‘Alam al Dharr: One Source, One Ray of Light, One Single Soul   video   audio
 08.16.16 Tue ‘Alam al Dharr: Becoming Suffused with Light   video   audio
 08.09.16 Tue ‘Alam al Dharr:  Different Aspects of Light   video   audio
 08.06.16 Sat Founder’s Day Dars: Foundation of Community is Service/Khidmat   video   audio
 08.06.16 Sat Founder’s Day: Dinner Presentations     (note: audio is a combo of masjid and dinner readings)   video   audio
 08.06.16 Sat Founder’s Day: Readings in the Masjid and Presentations at Dinner (note: audio is a combo of masjid and dinner readings)   video   audio
 08.04.16 Wed ‘Alam al Dharr: The World of Particles. The Covenant Made before Time.   video   audio
 07.30.16 Sat Receptivity to Prayers Answered: The Blessing of Allah are Always Present   video   audio
 07.29.16 Fri Eve The Concept of Intercession   video   audio
 07.27.16 Wed The Finite and Infinite Plays.  Technique for Muraqabah   video   audio
 07.23.16 Sat The Hereafter: Building a Life in the Akhirat   video   audio
 07.20.16 Wed The Development of One’s Soul: Wasila, Good Deeds, Remembrance   video   audio
 07.13.16 Wed Praying for Both Lives: The Life Here and in the Life Hereafter   video   audio
 07.09.16 Sat The State of At-Tazkiya: Purifying the Self   video   audio
 07.07.16 Thu Tawajjuh and Muraqabah: The Difference between the Two   video   audio
 07.02.16 Sat Tawajjuh: Methods, Forms, and Effacement                                                                                                  video   audio
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