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DATE  TITLE youtube audio file
 06.30.16 The Ta’wil al Haqq of Qur’an: Countering the Ambiguities with Truth                          video audio
 06.29.16 The Mission of Those Who Know: Teaching Ta’wil of Qur’an                                                   video audio
 06.26.16 The Ta’wil of Laylatul Qadr                                                          video audio
 06.23.16 Imam Ali’s Teachings of the Nahjul Balagha: Ibn Muzami’s Inability to Give a Sermon. The Doors Open through the Knowers                                                     video audio
 06.22.16 Imam Ali’s Teachings of the Nahjul Balagha: The Lesson to Kumayl ibn Ziad          video audio
 06.18.16 Imam Ali’s Teachings of the Nahjul Balagha: The Three Levels of Seekers    video audio
 06.16.16 Stages of the Sayr ul Suluk and Their Obstacles                      video audio
 06.15.16 At-Taskiya an-Nafs: Purification of the Self through Fasting  video audio
 06.12.16 RR Sun Noon:  Closing of Retreat – The Haqq of Sawm   video audio
 06.11.16 RR Sat Noon: The Ta’wil of Fasting: The Dhahir and Batin, and Its Secret, Taqiyyah   video audio
 06.10.16 RR The Search for Truth: Questions for Preparation for the Journey  video audio
 06.09.16 Three Forms of Separation  video audio
 06.08.16 The Journey’s States: Fana, Baqa, Jethb, Qurba, Tawhid  video audio
 06.06.16 Intro to Ramadan: The Three Ashras of Ramadan (audio only)  none audio
 06.04.16 Gateways to the Inner: The Doorway from the Dhahir/Exoteric to the Batin/Esoteric                                                                     video audio
 06.02.16 The Inner and Outer Meaning of Fasting  video audio
 06.01.16 The Dimensions of Ramadan  video audio
 05.28.16 The Qur’anic Story of Khidr and Musa: Its Inner Meaning  video audio
 05.26.16 Jihad al Akbar: Worlds before the World of Khulus. Station of Nafs.  video audio
 05.25.16 The Station of Mukhliseen/Sincerity, and Nafs al Mardiyya  none audio
 05.21.16 The Nafs: Nafs Lawamma, Nafs Mulhama, Nafs Mut’mainna      video audio
 05.19.16 Tawakkul/Trust that builds Success on the Journey and the Three Enemies that Misguide  video audio
 05.18.16 Muraqabah: The Doorway between Multiplicity and Unity  video audio
 05.15.16 Our Soul’s Journey to Its Origins.  Face Allah: Be a Mirror of His Attributes  video audio
 05.11.16 Ruh/Soul and Human Consciousness: A Discussion of their Relationship through Physics and Mysticism  none audio
 05.07.16 Ruh/Soul and Human Consciousness: Brain Science and Conscious States  none audio
 04.30.16 The Will of Allah Swt (note: video file begins about 1 minute after dars begins; audio file is complete)  video audio
 04.28.16 Study Group Questions on: Stages of Love.  Knowing Love is from Allah or Ego.  video audio
 04.27.16 Attar’s Seven Valleys: The End of the Journey for the Birds. Theories of and Understanding Divine Providence.  video audio
 04.23.16 Attar’s Seven Valleys: The Valley of Unity (cont.)  video audio
 04.21.16 Attar’s Seven Valleys: Seeing with the Light from Within and the Valley of Detachment. Birthday of Imam Ali   video audio
 04.20.16 Attar’s Seven Valleys: The Valley of Love and the Valley of Knowledge (cont.)  video audio
 04.16.16  Making the Heart Healthy  video audio
 04.13.16 Attar’s Seven Valleys: The Valley of Quest and the Valley of Love  video audio
 04.09.16  The Beingness that Sees only Love.  Attar’s Seven Valleys: The Valley of Unity  video audio
 04.07.16  Attar’s Seven Valleys: The Valley of Love and the Valley of Knowledge  video audio
 04.06.16  Love and Beauty: A Doorway  video audio
 04.02.16  Love and Beauty: The Real Meaning of Eshq  video audio
 03.31.16 Love and Beauty and Knowledge  video audio
 03.30.16 The Essence of Tasawwuf: Wujud/Love and Knowledge  video audio
 03.26.16 The Core of the Journey is Love  video audio
 03.24.16 The Desire for Love: the Soul Searching for Reunion with Allah Swt  video audio
 03.23.16 Different Dimensions of Love  video audio
 03.19.16 The Parabola of Time:  All One Moment  video audio
 03.17.16  Everything is Attracted to the Divine Presence  video audio
 03.16.16 Perception and Quantum Mechanics  video audio
 03.12.16 The Purpose of Du’ā and Supplication: to Become More Receptive  video audio
 03.10.16 Asking for What Is Already Present  video audio
 03.09.16 The Sub-Organs of Perception: Jusas  video audio
 03.05.16 Nourishment of Nur / Light or Nar/Fire  video audio
 03.03.16 The Point of the Wheat & Barley Story.  Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Healing  video audio
 03.02.16 Wheat and Barley Story.  Ta’wil of Sura al Fatiha Part II. Love Is the Answer  video audio
 02.27.16 The Story of the Merchant. Wheat and Barley. Ta’wil of Sura al Fatiha Part 1.  video audio
 02.25.16 The Means of Creation Through Kun Faya Kun  video audio
 02.24.16 Story of the Search for the Ruby: Treasures Handed Down like the Secret of Kun Faya Kun.  video audio
 02.20.16  The Path that brings the Believer to Conscious Awareness. Writing by al-Ghazali  video audio
 02.18.16 Death and Dying Before You Die  video audio
 02.17.16 The Story of the Two Towns, the Word, the Void, and the Attributes:  Tawhid  video audio
 02.13.16 How To Find Contentment and Happiness In This World And The Next  video audio
 02.11.16 The Station of Love  video audio
 02.10.16 Attar’s The 7 Valleys. Striving for Allah  video audio
 02.06.16 Attaining Nearness through Love and Striving  video audio
 02.04.16 The Ikhwan As Safa: The Divine Will and Word and The Origination of Creation  video audio
 02.03.16 The Story of the Ikhwan as Safa: The Islands  video audio
 01.30.16 The End of One Era and the Beginning of Another: Consideration is Needed  video audio
 01.27.16 The Yawmi Qiyama is a Hidden Event  video audio
 01.23.16 The Science and Meaning of Breathing the Names  video audio
 01.21.16 Revealing Secrets: Must be Prepared to Receive. Distinction of Waliyat and Wilayat  video audio
 01.20.16 A Change in the Seventh Cycle: A Comprehensive Look at the Sayr al Suluuk  video audio
 01.16.16 Understanding the Origin, Purpose and Goal of Ta’wil: Examples of Ta’wil  video audio
 01.14.16 Qiam al Qiyama: The One Who Uplifts.  video audio
 01.13.16 Cosmological Concepts and Fine Tuning:Cycles of Time and the Yawma Qiyama  video audio
 01.07.16 Good Acts with Piety and Sincerity:The Way of Purification  video audio
 01.06.16 Group Study Questions on: The Meaning of the Hadith when Allah Swt Declares War on Someone  video audio
 01.02.16 Quantum Physics and the Existence of Allah  video audio
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