Join us during the Holy Month of Ramadan for a weekend of spiritual rejuvenation and clarification. A schedule of suhbat, prayer, recitation, and meditation will uplift our souls, deepen our Iman, and increase our understanding of Islam and Tasawwuf in daily life. IMG_2375

No Retreat in 2020 due to Covid-19, Insh’allah next Retreat, Ramadhan 2021.

Retreats usually begin on Friday at 1:00pm with for Khutbah  by Shaykh Ahmed Abdur Rashid and end Sunday after Dhuhr Prayer. Please e-mail us if you wish to stay for a longer period to make itikaf.  We are happy to accommodate you.

Held on the beautiful 80-acre facility of the World Community in rural Virginia, the retreat provides  a venue to seek the blessings of the month of Ramadan in the company of fellows seekers and away from the distractions of daily life.Home cooked

All meals (suhur and iftar) are provided.  We offer healthy, organic and locally sourced  foods, cooked by World Community volunteers and can accommodate special needs (e.g. gluten free). Cabin and guest apartment style housing is available for individuals (separate areas for men and women) and for families. We have limited space, so please register early.

 If you have questions, feel free to contact us .

Retreat Fees are per person, reduced  for college students, and less for children under 12. Families (3 or more) 10% discount. Fee covers meals  (iftar and suhoor) and two nights of accommodations.

shaykh rashid admires ramadhan lights

Sample Schedule of Events:

  • 4:00    Suhuur provided
  • ~5:00    Salaat al-Fajr in Masjid
  • 12:30 Dars given by Guest speaker TBA
  • 1:30 Salaat adh-Dhuhr in Masjid
  • 2:00 Dars given by Shaykh Ahmed Abdur Rashid
  • (Rest and Personal Ibada)
  • ~6:30 Salaat al-‘Asr in Masjid
  • Qur’an Recitation and Muraqabah
  • ~8:30 Salat al Maghrib in Masjid
  • 9:30  Iftaar provided in Dining Hall
  • 10:30 Salaat at-Taraweeh in Masjid
  • 12:00 Salaat at-Tasbeeh

Other activities included: Qur’an recitation, muraqabah, suhbat and dhikr Allah, late night suhbat and tea, walking/contemplation in Nature.

Additional donations to continue the work of the Khanaqah are gratefully accepted.

The World Community® is a not-for-profit religious organization, registered with the IRS under code 501(c)3. Organizations within The World Community® include The Circle Group®, responsible for publications, and the World Community Education Center®, a school for grades K-12.  Located in Bedford, VA, 4 hours southwest of Washington, D.C., 2 hour north of Raleigh, NC.