ALIMY girls in the garden

ALIMY girls in the garden

ALIMY (A Leadership Institute for Muslim Youths) is a summer program designed for young Muslimahs ages 14 to 17. In a safe and supportive environment,  young women develop a greater sense of understanding, ownership, and pride in the American Muslim identity.

Program Dates: June 23rd to July 2nd

Through ALIMY, participants will insh’Allah, gain inspiration to maintain balance in their day to day lives through their Islamic practices and remembraance of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.  They will enjoy activities specially designed to broaden their knowledge of Islam, develop leadership skills, and make lasting friendships.  Activities and lifestyle are based on the Shari’ah and Sunnah.
Through ALIMY, participants will insh’Allah:

  • Expand practical knowledge of Islam and self-confidence in their identiy as a practicing Muslim the in U.S.
  • Enhance leadership, cultural sensitivity, and dialogue skills.
  • Build skills in expressing the beauty of Islam through word and action.
  • Relax in a healthy, protected retreat in the country, among new friends enjoying sports, crafts, and nature.
  • Explore roles Muslim youth can take in their communities.
  • Build lasting friendships around common values.

ALIMY is sponsored by the World Community Education Center (WCEC), a small private school established 30 years ago providing a comprehensive academic curriculum suffused with Islamic values.  WCEC launched ALIMY in 2000.  Designed to meet students needs, the program goals were defined in consultation with parents, teachers, and WCEC alumni.  The administrative and program staff of ALIMY are all Muslim, representing a diversity of ethnic and national backgrounds.

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