au_13th Submission, Free Will, and Dependence on Allah   December 20, 2013
au_13th The Sufi is Content in Allah   December 6, 2013
au_13th Allah’s Gift to Humans Is the Active Seeking of Knowledge   November 29, 2013
au_13th Shariah is a Goal   November 15, 2013
au_13th The Necessity for Loyalty and Commitment  November 8, 2013
au_13th Equality and Equity in Islam   November 1, 2013
au_13th The Three Elements of Salat, Inner and Outer   October 18, 2013
au_13th Eid al Adha Khutbah  October 15, 2013
au_13th More On Gratitude   October 4, 2013
au_13th Gratitude and Paying Attention  September 27, 2013
au_13th Moderation and Akhlaq: Choosing the Middle Way in Dunya  September 20, 2013  pdf
au_13th Reaching for Knowledge tp Understand September 13, 2013  pdf
au_13th Ijtahad and Common Sense  September 6, 2013  pdf
au_13th Taqwa: A Force for Cohesion  August 30, 2013  pdf
au_13th Being Satisfied with what Allah Gives: Make the Right Effort  August 23, 2013  pdf
au_13th Relationship between Intentions, Words, and Health  August 16, 2013  pdf
au_13th In Times of Need: Salat al-Haajah with Du’a   August 9 2013  pdf
au_13th Eid al Fitr Khutbah 2013/1434  August 8, 2013   pdf
au_13th Ramadan Farewell Khutbah   August 2, 2013   pdf
au_13th Laylatu-l-Qadr: Peace Until the Coming of Dawn   July 26, 2013   pdf
au_13th The Formula for the Dangerous Disease of Discord  July 19, 2013   pdf
au_13th “Every Soul Shall Taste Death” – The Passing of Sahar Taylor July 12, 2013   pdf
au_13th The Prophet’s Khutbah the Eve of Ramadan July 5, 2013
au_13th Ramadan: The Month of Sympathy, the Month of Sabr  June 28, 2013   pdf
au_13th The Prophet’s (sal) Philosophy as an Environmentalist   June 7, 2013   pdf
au_13th Striving for Higher Akhlaq: Du’a for Allah’s Help  May 31, 2013  pdf
au_13th The Month of Rajab: A Time for Reflection  May 24, 2013  pdf
au_13th Beatitudes of Tasawwuf: Manifest with Sincere Motivation  May 17, 2013  pdf
au_13th The Way of Islam, the Meaning of the Deen, and a Context for Life  May 3, 2013  pdf
au_13th Fundamental and Universal Rights Laid Down in Islam  April 12, 2013  pdf
au_13th Mahabbat and Wadud: The Attractive Love for Allah Swt  April 5, 2013  pdf
au_13th Studying the Roles of the Prophets   March 22, 2012  pdf
au_13th Community/Ummah as a Moral and Ethical Principle  March 15, 2013  pdf
au_13th Signs of the Humble: Trust and Repentance  March 1, 2013  pdf
au_13th Firasa and La’an: Visual Perceptive Insights  Feb. 15, 2013  pdf
au_13th Gafla – What it Means to be Heedless  February 8, 2013  pdf
au_13th A Community of Tariqah  February 1, 2013  pdf
au_13th Qadr includes Choosing between Good and Evil  January 18, 2013  pdf
au_13th Warnings to Maintain Balance and Avoid Excessiveness January 4, 2013  pdf