The Friday and Eid Khutbahs by Shaykh Ahmed Abdur Rashid  are listed in ascending chronological order.

The Faithful: A Deeper Understanding of Iman  December 28, 2012  pdf
Blindness in the Eyes of the Heart Prevents Seeing Light  December 21, 2012  pdf
Motivations with Sincerity and Right Intention bring Thawab  December 14, 2012  pdf
The Prophet Ibrahim: The Way of the Hanif December 7, 2012  pdf
Companions: Here and in the Hereafter  November 30, 2012  pdf
Our Responsibility to Know Allah is Near November 23, 2012  pdf
Takaaful: Reciprocal Responsibility Helping Others to do Good November 16, 2012 pdf
Sincerity and Niyyat: Attend to the Motivation of Actions November 9, 2012 pdf
The Message and the Messenger of Islam November 2, 2012 pdf
The Truth that is Islam Jumah Khutbah October 26, 2012 pdf
Eid al Adha Khutbah October 26, 2012 pdf
Equity and Equality are Divinely Willed Khutbah by Phone October 12, 2012 pdf
One Community: One Heart  Sustaining Ourselves and the Community September 28, 2012 pdf
The Value of Abrogation: Assistance Attaining Balance on the Journey September 21, 2012 pdf
Salatul Hajr: Prayer for Needs September 14, 2012 pdf
Hold Fast to the Rope of Allah: A Journey in the Caravan of Love Eid al Fitr Khutbah August 19, 2012 pdf
Farewell Khutbah: the Need to Perceive the Blessings coming To Us August 17, 2012 pdf
Success Depends on What You Build Your Life on Inwardly August 3, 2012 pdf
Sadqa: Generosity with the Example of the Prophet (sal) July 27, 2012 pdf
Ramadan: a Month for Healing July 20, 2012 pdf
Right Guidance: The Din of Islam July 13, 2012 pdf
Qualities to Benefit from in Ramadan Fasting: Patience and Contentment July 6, 2012 pdf
Seeking the Blessings of Sha’ban June 22, 2012 pdf
Perfection of and Striving for Good Character June 8, 2012 pdf
Preparing for Ramadan Properly: Reflection on Prayer/Salat June 1, 2012 pdf
Preparing for Ramadan: Showing Gratitude and Calling upon Allah May 25, 2012 pdf
The Power of Patience: Patience’s High Spiritual Rank May 18, 2012
The Spiritual Basis for Our Responsibility for Good Health May 11, 2012 pdf
Du’a – Tool for Change May 4, 2012 pdf
Latifa Nafs: Developing the Nafs Ammara to Free the Ruh (Breath and Healing) April 27, 2012 pdf
Seeking and Finding Real Baraka/Blessing: The Gift that Keeps on Giving April 20, 2012 pdf
Sincere Intentions give Protection and Security April 13, 2012 pdf
Defining Justice through an Eternal Time Frame April 6, 2012 pdf
The Journey through Ritual Prayer March 30, 2012 pdf
Allah’s Guidance is Clear: Nothing Changes until You Change Yourself March 23, 2012 pdf
Right Companionship: from Here to the Hereafter March 16, 2012 pdf
Seize the Opportunity to do Good Deeds February 24, 2012 pdf
Building Blocks in the Construction of a Muslim February 17, 2012 pdf
The Security of Islam Frees the Heart from Rancor and Envy February 10, 2012 pdf
On the Occasion of the Mawlid: The Exemplary Character of the Prophet  (sal) Feb 3, 2012 pdf
Different Forms of Humility Overcome Pride January 20, 2012 pdf
‘Ibada ar-Rahman: Characteristics of Those with Whom Allah is Pleased January 13, 2012 pdf
Live in Dependence on the Divine Presence January 6, 2012 pdf
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