The Friday and Eid Khutbahs by Shaykh Ahmed Abdur Rashid  

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Scroll below to find titles and dates listed in ascending chronological order:

07/30/21 Fri
07/23/21 Fri
07/20/21 Eid KhuThe Plan: To Follow or Not
07/16/21 FriNourishment of the Soul
07/09/21 FriEffort is Progress: Remembrance/Ihsan
07/02/21 FriSpirituality and Day to Day Life
06/25/21 FriContemplation
06/11/21 FriThe Value of Words in Islam
06/04/21 FriPeace and Justice
05/28/21 FriEnvironmental Commitment: The Role of Being Trustees
05/21/21 FriSocial Relations and Reconciliation
05/14/21 FriThe Deputy of Allah: The Hu/Man’s King is the Soul
05/13/21 Eid Eid al Fitr Ramadan Never Ends: Understand Its Purpose and Depth
05/07/21 Fri How to Interpret the Qur’an
04/30/21 FriThe Three Ashras (Ten Days) of Ramadan
04/23/21 FriRR Love is the Attraction, Not the Distraction: The Guidance of Love
04/16/21 FriWhen Ramadan Reconciliation Might Fail: A Personal Dialogue with Self/Allah Swt
04/09/21 FriRemembering and Discovering
04/02/21 FriLove in Islam
03/26/21 FriRefugees: The History of Fleeing
03/19/21 Fri Spring and Renewal
03/12/21 FriVirtues of the Four Blessed Phrases
03/05/21 Fri Love and Hate for the Sake of Allah Swt
02/26/21 Fri Remembering Allah in Difficult Times
02/19/21 FriHabitat of Tahlil
02/12/21 FriRemembering Allah Swt in Hard Times
02/05/21 FriAddressing the Culture of Self-Promotion
01/29/21 FriMu’min/Muslim: Safety in Islam
01/22/21 FriGratitude
01/15/21 Fri Mindfulness of Allah Swt
01/08/21 FriThe Prophet’s Seerah: A Template for Transformation
01/01/21 Fri Sufic Mindfulness