The Friday and Eid Khutbahs by Shaykh Ahmed Abdur Rashid  are listed in ascending chronological order.

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11/27/20 Fri
11/20/20 Fri“Allah is the Best of Planners”
11/13/20 FriSocial Justice in Islam
11/06/20 FriIslam and Environment: Responsibility Lies Behind Every Decision
10/30/20 FriIslam and Social Justice
10/23/20 FriOne Day in Mecca – Equity in Islam
10/09/20 FriIn Times of Stress
10/02/20 FriJustice: ‘Adl and Qist
09/25/20 FriA Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsberg: A Trailblazer for Justice
09/18/20 Fri Life after Death in Light of Qur’an and Hadith
09/11/20 FriThe Tree of Dhikr, Deeply Rooted, Bears Fruit
09/04/20 FriThe Earth a Masjid: Prostration of the Heart
08/28/20 Fri “The Whole Earth is My Masjid”
08/21/20 FriRacism and Islam
08/14/20 Fri The Soul of Islam is a Vigilant and Mindful Heart
08/07/20 Fri Lessons to Heed before the Day of Judgment
07/31/20 FriRemembering Harold Robles
07/31/20 Eid Eid al Adha Khutbah: The Sacrifice Today
07/24/20 FriDimensions of Time
07/17/20 Fri Human Rights: Qur’an and Hadith
07/10/20 Fri Islam and Education: Learning How to Learn
07/03/20 FriLessons from COVID19
06/26/20 Fri Perspective on the Pandemic
06/19/20 Fri“I Can’t Breathe”
06/12/20 FriBeware of Your Inward State
06/05/20 Fri
05/29/20 FriTranquility in Times of Anxiety
05/24/20 EidEid al Fitr Khutbah
05/22/20 FriLife After Ramadan
05/15/20 FriFaith as a Fortress of Five Walls
05/08/20 FriIsti’adhah: Seeking Refuge in Allah Swt
05/01/20 FriWhatever You Do, You Do To Yourself
04/24/20 FriBelieving in the Hope and Healing of Ramadan
04/17/20 FriBlessing of Ramadan
04/10/20 FriMeasuring our Spiritual Purification
04/03/20 FriThe Obligatory Spiritual Journey
03/27/20 FriThe Soul: What Happens after the Death of the Body
03/20/20 FriThe Humble “I”: Tranquility in an Age of Distress and Anxiety
03/13/20 Fri “La Hawla wa La Quwwata illah Billah” : Its Deeper Meaning
03/06/20 FriRising to the Needs of the Pandemic Challenge
02/28/20 Fri Effects of Epidemics and Plagues on the Muslim Community
02//21/20 Fri Surah At-Tin: An Existential View of Humanity
02/07/20 Fri Responding to the Jahiliyya Elements in Today’s World
01/31/20 FriNot Just Worship: Semantic Layers of “Ibada”
01/24/20 FriAttaining Knowledge: A Spiritual Responsibility
01/17/20 FriTawhid: Living in Balance
01/10/20 FriFaith and Tawhid in Perilous Times
01/03/20 FriThe Humble “I”: Tranquility in Our Age of Distress and Anxiety