The Friday and Eid Khutbahs by Shaykh Ahmed Abdur Rashid  are listed in ascending chronological order.

DATE           TITLE                                      
audio file
12/28/18 “…for One Who has a Heart, Who Listens Attentively, and Who is a Witness…” video
12/21/18 The Potential to Achieve Everlasting Happiness video
12/14/18 Akhlaq: The Value of Values video
12/07/18 The Value of Time in Islam video
11/30/18 Fri Rahman: Compassion is Crucial    video
11/23/18 Fri The Education of Muslim Youth to Embrace Tolerance and Understanding    video audio
11/16/18 Fri Supplication (Du’aa) to Allah Swt    video audio
11/02/18 Fri The Responsibility to the Amaanah in Islam: We Have to Care    video audio
10/26/18 Fri Shahid and Mujahada    video audio
10/19/18 Fri Intro to the Batani of Salah    video audio
10/05/18 Fri Which Religion is Most Beloved to Allah Swt    video audio
9/28/18 Fri Steadfast and Firm in One’s Religion    video audio
9/21/18 Fri Conscious Merging and Unconscious Merging    video audio
9/14/18 Fri An Islamic Message that Gives Life Meaning    video audio
9/07/18 Fri Worship with Understanding    video audio
8/31/18 Fri Primal Covenant    video audio
8/21/18 Eid Eid al Adha Khutbah: The Anathema of Sacrifice    video audio
8/17/18 Fri Hajj: The Fifth Pillar of Islam    video audio
8/10/18 Fri On Prayer    video audio
8/03/18 Fri Seek Refuge in Allah from and Rely on Allah for Wealth and Success    video audio
7/27/18 Fri Beware of Your Inward State    video audio
7/20/18 Fri “We have Adorned for Each Society their Acts…”    video audio
7/13/18 Fri Our Primeval Covenant    video audio
7/06/18 Fri Wearing Ideological Blinders    video audio
6/29/18 Fri Reach Out for Knowledge    video audio
6/22/18 Fri Remembering the Promise of Ramadan Every Day    video audio
6/15/18 Fri Eid al Fitr Khutbah (broadcast on 6/16/18)    video audio
6/08/18 Fri Ramadan Retreat: Living in the Living Qur’an    video audio
6/01/18 Fri Nearing the Last Ten Days: Zakat    video audio
 5/18/18 Fri Eulogy for Khadija    video audio
 4/27/18 Fri The Blessings of the Mubarak Months    video audio
 4/20/18 Fri The Purpose of Sha’ban: Preparing for Ramadan  video audio
 4/13/18 Fri Mutual Reform in Muslim Society: How and Why    video audio
 4/06/18 Fri The Indispensability of Dhikr and Muraqabah    video audio
 3/30/18 Fri Tafakul/Social Responsibility: The Duty to Help Society Reform    video audio
 3/23/18 Fri The Virtues of the Blessed Month of Rajab    video audio
 3/16/18 Fri The System of the World: How Can It be Changed    video audio
 3/09/18 Fri  Healing the Heart    video audio
 3/02/18 Fri  Worship with Understanding    video audio
 2/23/18 Fri Tafakkur/Contemplation: An Unrestricted Form of Worship    video audio
 2/16/18 Fri Life, Death, and the Hereafter    video audio
 2/09/18 Fri The Practice of Adab and Good Manners: Perfecting Good Character    video audio
 2/02/18 Fri  Ahadith on Reciting “Bismillah”    video audio
 1/26/18 Fri Pious Restraint: Ten Obligations    video audio
 1/19/18 Fri  The Value of Words in Islam    video audio
 1/12/18 Fri  Life, Death, and the Hereafter    video audio
 1/5/18 Fri  Community    video audio