The Friday and Eid Khutbahs by Shaykh Ahmed Abdur Rashid  are listed in ascending chronological order.

 DATE  TITLE                                                       youtube audio file
 12.30.16 Single Lane Bridge: Proceed at Your Own Risk video audio
 12.23.16 Die Before You Die: Journey towards the Nur video audio
 12.16.16 The Power of Prostration video audio
 12.09.16 Life After Death video audio
 12.02.16 Paradise Within our Self video audio
 11.25.16 Dealing with Stress through Trust, Patience, and Prayer video audio
 11.18.16 A Muslim’s Response to Difficult Times video audio
 11.11.16 Perspectives on Iman/Faith video audio
 11.04.16 Trust in Allah Swt video audio
 10.28.16 Differences are Part of Being  a Human Being: How Does the Sufi Handle Differences? video audio
 10.21.16 Humble or Arrogant? A Litmus Test video audio
 10.14.16 The “Problem” of Suffering video audio
 10.07.16 Khutbah (to be titled)  video audio
 09.30.16 Gratefulness: A Matter of the Heart video audio
 09.23.16 Enduring Grief and Hardship video audio
 09.16.16 Allah Swt: The Source of Love video audio
 09.12.16 Eid al Adha Khutbah – The Outer and Inner Ka’bah video audio
 09.09.16 Love: Its Many Phases video audio
 09.02.16 The Bee Received Revelation/Wahy: Be Like the Bee video audio
 08.26.16 The Awsaf al Ashraf – The Attributes of the Noble: Degrees of Faith video audio
 08.19.16 Service to Humankind video audio
 08.05.16 The Purpose of Life video audio
 07.29.16 Motivation for Those in Hardship and Depression video audio
 07.08.16 Discussion on Sacred Space video audio
 07.06.16 Eid al Fitr Khutbah – The Path to Humility: Can Change Really Happen  video audio
 07.01.16 Farewell Friday for Ramadan: The Conclusion of Ramadan Fasting video audio
 06.24.16 Enlivening the Last Ten Nights of Ramadan video audio
 06.17.16 Barriers to Reconciliation video audio
 06.10.16 The Ramadan Fast: Ease to Relieve Hardship video audio
 06.03.16 Welcoming Ramadaan video audio
 05.27.16  The Hidden Mercy in Suffering (by phone audio only)  none audio
 05.20.16  Ideology: The Blind Leading the Blind  video audio
 04.22.16 Enduring Grief and Hardship  video audio
 04.08.16 When Ideology Overshadows Knowledge and Reality  video audio
 04.01.16 Death and Dying  video audio
 03.25.16 Something of Heaven  video audio
 03.18.16 Trust Allah Swt  video audio
 03.11.16 Clarifying How and Why Du’a/Supplication is Effective  video audio
 03.04.16 Life, Death, and the Hereafter  video audio
 02.26.16 Enduring Grief and Hardship  video audio
 02.19.16 Taqwa: The Concept of God-Consciousness in Islam   video audio
 02.12.16 Ways of Obtaining Baraka/Blessings in our Lives   video audio
 02.05.16 Son of Adam: I was Sick and You did not Visit Me  video audio
 01.29.16 Condition of Dissemination of Knowledge in the Muslim World  video audio
 01.22.16 Why Allah Allows Suffering   video audio
 01.15.16 Increase Good Deeds  video audio
 01.01.16 Be Grateful to Allah   video audio

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