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at-the-tombFalling in love is one beautiful realities of Sufism and there are many ‘love stories’ among the shuyukh. Four of my personal experiences with this unique and pure love involve, of course, my beloved Shaykh Hazrat Azad Rasool of N.Delhi.   The story of our meeting and our 30+ years together will be the subject and foundation of an upcoming publication (book).

Another story is about my relationship with Shaykh Ahmed Kuftaro , the Grand Mufti of Syria; which, insh’Allah will be detailed at a later time; Dede Effendim Sulieman Loras Chelbi, the shaykh of the Mevlevi in Konya , a man of such sweetness and simple love that I found myself always with tears in my eyes when in his presence. His words to me and his adab remains a daily guide to a character one aspires to have. Finally is a simple but beautiful story about the honor I had to sit at the feet of Hazrati Shaykh Osaman Sirrajuddin,  a Naqshbandi who held me in the firm grip of love and blessed me with the strength to rise to new challenges.

All four of these men were masters of  service and exemplars of submission as well as models of Islamic verity. It has been my honor to walk in their enormous footsteps  though my stride is much smaller and my destination less assured. As love is a story of attraction and separation, expansion and contraction one needs to sustain the purity of that love in memory and gratitude of the brief time spent together in this evanescent world. These beloveds have moved to the proximity of the Throne of Allah swt , but they continue to take up much space in my heart and time in my prayers and continue whisper in my ear and meet me in meditation and sleep and remain  the means to improve my character and inspiriations serve Allah swt , even in the faulty way I do. May Allah swt protect their secrets and forgive me for any disappointment I may have caused them in this journey of many sunrises and sunsets, falling and standing up, again and again.

Enjoy, dear friends, the photos, video clips, sound tracks and written texts that follow and will periodically appear on this site and You Tube in the coming months. Open your heart and soul to their presence and words and marvel at the ability that Allah swt has given us  to see and hear those who are beyond this world yet still able to be seen and heard. L’hamdullah we live in such a time. May ALLAH swt shower HIS GRACE and MERCY  upon you who can see and hear and who yearn for companionship.

Shaykh Ahmed abdur Rashid

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