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tb_blueEvolutionary Ethics & an Invitation to a New/Old Perspective.

“Sufism provides an experiential introduction to qualities such as compassion, patience, and tolerance as tools for adjusting personal and collective patterns of behavior.  It enables individuals and groups to manifest their deepest and most sublime human character in the service of Allah (subhanhu wa t’ala) and of Allah’s creation.

The Qur’an and sunnah provide an essential, flexible and relevant framework for evolutionary ethics in today’s world.  In an ethical environment, everything is oriented first towards the community and the sustainability of that community.  But this orientation can only be arrived at and maintained by making commitments and utilizing appropriate mechanisms for expresssing one’s own understanding of ibadah and building one’s character as an individual Muslim and mumin.

Islam speaks directly to each person’s role, commitment, remembrance, and duty to others and self.   It stress a personal ethic (aklaq) which begins its development at home, in relationships with one’s family and neighbors.  It is refined through the mastery of adab and extends to self-observation and the understanding that ‘every action I perform affects the whole’.  As each of us learns how we can best express our inborn urge to contribute to the community, ‘invelopment’ takes place: we become better people and the community makes progress.

-Excerpted from The Failings of the Western Ethic: Evolutionary Ethics and an Invitation to a New/Old Perspective by Shaykh Ahmed Abdur Rashid  (pdf)

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