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wellspring_mercy“The more that I contemplate this subject of mercy, the more I see that it is endless.  Since the Mercy of Allah (Subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa) is endless and present, if we look, we begin to see everything as a Mercy of Allah (Subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa).
Am I a person who is merciful?  I will approach this subject of mercy in several ways: looking at the Mercy of Allah (Subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa), looking at the example of the mercy of the Prophet (salla-Llaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), and exploring the question of how we can experience and manifest mercy in our own selves.” Shaykh Ahmed Abdur Rashid

Drinking from the Well-Spring of Mercy: is the third talk  in the 5 Sundays Series  (2010-2011) by Shaykh Ahmed Abdur Rashid on the session topic of MERCY, presented at the Islamic Study Center in Charlottesville.

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